"Carrying forward the fine tradition and inheriting the red gene" -- on the theme party day activity of party history learning and education for all Party members of the company
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<p style="text-align: center;"><img src="http://www.dinglu.com/uploads/uploads/image/2021/12/04/845730/%E6%96%B01.png" title="/uploads/image/2021/12/04/845730/新1.png"/></p><p style="text-align: center;"><img src="http://www.dinglu.com/uploads/uploads/image/2021/12/04/444944/%E6%96%B02.png" title="/uploads/image/2021/12/04/444944/新2.png"/></p><p style="text-indent: 2em;">This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China. At the mobilization meeting for the study and education of party history, the general secretary stressed that our party has always attached importance to the study and education of party history, paid attention to using the party's struggle process and great achievements to inspire fighting spirit and clarify the direction, used the party's glorious tradition and fine style to strengthen faith and pool strength, and used the party's practical creation and historical experience to inspire wisdom and sharpen character. In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the general secretary's important speech and inherit the red gene, the Party committee of the company organized all Party members to carry out theme party day activities in Meizhou City, the old revolutionary base from May 22 to 23.</p><p style="text-indent: 2em;">On May 22, all Party members came to "Ye Jianying Memorial Park" in Huxing village, Yanyang Town, Mei county to visit Ye Jianying's former residence and Ye Jianying Memorial Hall. Along the footprints of history, the party members had a detailed understanding of Marshal Ye Jianying's revolutionary process during the domestic revolutionary war, the war of liberation and various periods after the founding of the people's Republic of China, carefully watched every photo and every written record, and truly felt Marshal Ye Jianying's important choices and outstanding contributions to the realization of national liberation in the eventful years filled with gunsmoke. Everyone listened carefully to the explanation, listened while watching and learned. They stopped and stared in front of precious objects and yellow photos, as if they had returned to the revolutionary era full of ideals and beliefs, agitation and heroism. "Committed to the great cause of communism and making red mud for Hua Xin." for more than half a century, Ye Jianying has devoted her whole life to the cause of Chinese people's Liberation and socialist construction. The personality power, personality light and personality spirit shown in this hanging Communist mirror will become stronger and stronger with the passage of time and shine on us forever.</p><p style="text-align: center;"><img src="http://www.dinglu.com/uploads/uploads/image/2021/12/04/652073/%E6%96%B03.png" title="/uploads/image/2021/12/04/652073/新3.png"/></p><p style="text-align: center;"><img src="http://www.dinglu.com/uploads/uploads/image/2021/12/04/031414/%E6%96%B04.png" title="/uploads/image/2021/12/04/031414/新4.png"/></p><p style="text-indent: 2em;">With the theme of the Red Army Hospital in the eventful years, the party secretary of the company, wall Shifa, described the development of the Red Army hospital and the cases of the Red Army hospital's extensive use of Chinese herbal medicine to treat injuries and diseases, and taught a vivid party lesson to all Party members. Secretary Qiang's party lesson is reasonable, earnest and sincere, and his voice goes into his heart, which makes every Party member present feel deeply and benefit a lot. Through the study, we further understand that although the Red Army hospital established by the party and the Soviet government mainly served the war, it was actually a medical unit shared by the army and the people at that time. For the victory of the war and the close relationship between the army and the government, the army and the people, its valuable experience and contribution were important for enlightening future generations to love their posts and work hard and establish a correct outlook on life and values, It is of great significance. Party members said that the "walking party class" study is a very rare learning opportunity. Not only did he have a comprehensive understanding of some important historical events in the development process of the party and the country, but also deeply understood the adherence of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries to their original mission and revolutionary faith, and their incomparable loyalty to the cause of the party and the country. Under the guidance of the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, we should inherit the revolutionary ideals of Ye Shuai and other proletarian revolutionaries of the older generation, never forget our original heart, firm our faith, and continue to struggle for the future of the party and the nation in the new era.</p><p style="text-indent: 2em;">Located at the top of bizhiwei mountain in Huidong village, Sanhe Town, Dapu County, the "sanheba Campaign Memorial Park" is the site of sanheba campaign of the rebel army and the main battle position of Nanchang rebel army in that year. The memorial park is solemn and serious. All Party members bow three times in front of the monument to cherish the memory of the revolutionary martyrs. In front of the monument, wall Shifa, Secretary of the Party committee of the company, led all Party members to review the oath of joining the party. Under the bright red party flag, Party members and comrades solemnly raised their right hands and clenched their fists, and did not forget their solemn commitment to the party and the people at the beginning of joining the party. Subsequently, the staff led everyone into the sanheba memorial hall to tell the party members about the glorious years of the bloody struggle of the Communists. Through the visit, Party members deeply realized that under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, our people's army has grown from small to large and from weak to strong. It has become a great wall of steel to safeguard national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity and ensure the peaceful development of the country. It has become a strong force to support the realization of the goals of the "two centenaries" and the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.</p><p style="text-indent: 2em;">History is the best textbook. Learning history is rational, credible, moral and practical. By visiting the red revolutionary base, we can review the party's history, enhance the party spirit and firm our faith. This event has been very fruitful. During the visit and the party lessons, we realized that the victories of the revolution and the happy life of today are not easily won. We must strive to struggle with the spirit of the heroic martyrs, remember the original intention and mission, transform the learning effect into a powerful driving force for the development of various tasks, and strive to achieve the new round of development goals and inheritance of the essence. Keep the integrity and innovation, and contribute to promoting the high-quality development of the cause and industry of traditional Chinese medicine.</p><p style="text-align: center;"><br style="white-space: normal;"/></p><p><br/></p>
Inheriting skills and creating unique brands -- the traditional production skills of babaodan and Liuwei Dihuang pills are listed as district level intangible cultural heritage
On the occasion of celebrating the significant time node of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party and the 10th anniversary of the promulgation and implementation of the intangible cultural heritage law of the people's Republic of China, and in order to welcome the "cultural and Natural Heritage Day" on June 12, Tongan District will celebrate the "cultural and Natural Heritage Day" in 2021 Intangible cultural heritage publicity and exhibition activities and the awarding ceremony of t
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Grand opening 𞓜 Babao elixir made a wonderful appearance at the "Daomei Road head" of Zhongshan Road
<p style="text-indent: 2em;">On May 1, "Babao pill" was grandly opened at the "Daomei Road head" of the upgrading and reconstruction project of the former site of Xiamen General Chamber of Commerce on Zhongshan Road, and made a wonderful appearance together with the seawall tea, pearlescent celadon and miaojiang of the time-honored "Xiamen Sibao".</p><p style="text-indent: 2em;">"Babao pill" is located on the first floor of "Daomei road" at No. 16-20 Zhongshan Road. It shows a batch of precious historical materials such as the internal standard of Babao pill, as well as rare medicinal materials such as musk, bezoar and antelope horn, as well as historical packages such as Babao pill and Liuwei Dihuang Pill exported overseas. Xinhuang Tablets, Zhupo Jingfeng powder, daqili powder, Weisan, Angong Niuhuang Pill and other products familiar to old Xiamen people also attracted the audience to stop and visit.</p><p style="text-indent: 2em;">Babaodan, a product of Xiamen Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd., originated from the imperial side of the court in the Ming Dynasty. As early as the Republic of China, it has been sold at home and abroad. Now it is also a healthy gift favored by the majority of consumers. As one of the first projects for the reconstruction and upgrading of Zhongshan Road area, "Babao pill" hopes to become a business card of traditional Chinese medicine in Xiamen, providing a platform for citizens and tourists to understand and experience traditional Chinese medicine culture. At the same time, through the in-depth integration of tourism and traditional Chinese Medicine culture communication, the public can understand the knowledge of daily health care and disease prevention, It can better perceive the breadth and depth of traditional Chinese medicine culture and experience the unique charm of traditional Chinese medicine culture, so as to strengthen the confidence of traditional Chinese medicine culture.</p><p style="text-indent: 2em;">Established in 1965, Xiamen traditional Chinese medicine factory has inherited the traditional skills of time-honored drug shops such as Zhenghe, huaideju, Gaofeng pharmacy, shoushengtang, ganhuitang and Yitieling with a history of more than 400 years. After years of development, Xiamen traditional Chinese medicine factory has become a high-tech enterprise and independent innovation demonstration enterprise focusing on the R & D, production and sales of anti-inflammatory and analgesic fields of traditional Chinese medicine.</p><p style="text-indent: 2em;">A hundred year old prescription is a strong "family background" for enterprise development, and innovative development is a strong afterforce, so that the old brand radiates new vitality. It has played a positive role in improving the cultural taste of the enterprise. In the future, Xiamen Traditional Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. will still focus on the large market of nourishing the liver and protecting the liver, promote the high-end series products with babaodan as the trademark by integrating online and offline marketing resources, and build a unique cultural connotation and brand value of babaodan nourishing the liver and protecting the liver.</p><p style="text-indent: 2em;">-Extended reading-</p><p style="text-indent: 2em;">● Shimei Road head</p><p>"Road head" means "wharf". During the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty in 1769, jin'ao, Volume II of the records of Lujiang clearly recorded that "Daomei Lutou" was one of the 13 road ends in Xiamen. The records of Xiamen in the reign of Daoguang added that "Daomei Lutou" was the trading Wharf in Xiamen at that time.</p><p>In the late 1920s, the reconstruction of "Daomei Road head" became the starting point of today's western section of Zhongshan Road. In 1928, excellent overseas Chinese such as Huang Yizhu, Lin Erjia, Hong Hongru and Chen Jiageng, as well as Xiamen old businessmen and businessmen, built the Xiamen General Chamber of Commerce building at the former "Daomei Road head".</p><p>"Daomei Lutou", as the first landing project after the reconstruction and upgrading of Zhongshan Road area, is located at No. 16-20, pedestrian street, Zhongshan Road. It integrates the products with the most Xiamen characteristics, "Xiamen four treasures": babaodan, Haidi tea, pearl celadon, miaojiang, etc; There are also bookstores, tea making space, ancient listening venues, various theme exhibition areas, etc.</p><p><br/></p>
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